MarketMaps assists product development and marketing organizations with the identification of customer needs, definition of marketable solutions, analysis of competitive environments and determination of factors for success created by information technology advancements for Consumer and Mobile markets.

In association with Stratford Associates, a marketing research and decision modeling consultancy and CENTRIS, a research and information services firm specializing in cable, satellite, home video, motion pictures, telecommunications and the Internet, MarketMaps brings a unique blend of talents to assist marketers with the hard, day-to-day decisions affecting bottom line results.

What's New
Consumers' Need for Speed Expected to Drive Broadband Subscriptions to Double in 2001

MarketMaps in partnership with CENTRISSM completed "Residential Broadband Customers: Profiles and Forecasts" profiles current broadband households by key demographic characteristics as well as their inventory of technology and entertainment systems. It provides projections of broadband access with an analysis of factors affecting adoption.

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Typical Issues Addressed:

Consumer Markets

  • How many households are planning to buy a PC in the next six months? What are they planning to spend? Desktop or portable? Will they shop online for it?
  • How much are PC owners planning to spend on printers, scanners, speakers, mice, keyboards, software, …?
  • How many have an electronic organizer, cell phone, PCS phone, pager? What other electronic devices do they own? … are they planning to buy?
  • How many access the Internet/online services? With something other than a PC? Do they have a cable modem? Do they have multiple PCs sharing an Internet connection?

Mobile Markets

  • Who is using a portable PC today? What other devices do they use? Who pays for which ones? How do they acquire them? How often do they get a new one?
  • Where do they use their mobile devices? … for what? … how often? How has this changed over the last year? What do they want that they don't have?
  • Do they access the Internet/Intranet/online services when away from the office? How?
  • What do they do online when away from the office? …how frequently? … how long?

Product Definition

  • Engineering says they can add a new feature. Should I add it to my offering? How long will it take to pay off?
  • How do my customers make buying decisions and what are the most effective ways for me to influence them to buy my product?
  • Is there a market for our new concept? If yes, how big? Who are the customers? How do I reach them?
  • If I drop the price on my product will I make it up on volume?

Employing state-of-the-art research and analysis methodologies, coupled with street-savvy assessment of market dynamics and technology trends, MarketMaps provides product development and marketing decision makers with powerful tools and insightful analyses to help them reach, capture and retain customers.


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