Consumers' Need for Speed Expected to Drive Broadband Subscriptions to Double in 2001

More than 12 million households projected to have high-speed Internet access by the end of 2001

New Canaan, CT, December 14, 2000 - The number of residential broadband subscribers in the U.S. jumped by nearly one million during 3Q00. This torrid pace is expected to continue during 4Q00 bringing the total number of households with high-speed Internet access to 5.6 million by the end of 2000 according to a study released by MarketMaps LLC in partnership with CENTRISSM. Driven by the desire to speed downloads of Web pages, family pictures and MP3 files and enticed by low monthly subscription fees and free installation, consumers are signing up for cable and DSL Internet access in record numbers.

As detailed in the report "Residential Broadband Customers: Profiles and Forecasts," high-speed Internet access is reaching beyond those with a business need to those with a desire for an enhanced experience. "It's like the sport utility vehicle is to transportation," says Bill Ablondi, Principal, MarketMaps LLC and co-author of the study, "you don't always need the extra room, power and traction, but the additional expense is worth it when you do. And, once you have one, you'll tend to go places where you can use the extra capability." This is just what the media and entertainment industry is watching for - where will consumers take these faster pathways? What will be the broadband "killer app?"

The votes are still being counted, but early returns show that broadband households are more likely to shop online and spend more when they do. They are more likely to be consumers of video entertainment by virtue of having multiple VCRs, a DVD console and premium cable services. Compared to all Internet households, broadband subscribers are less likely to have a Web appliance, but much more likely to have an MP3 player.

The report: "Residential Broadband Customers: Profiles and Forecasts" profiles current broadband households by key demographic characteristics as well as their inventory of technology and entertainment systems. It provides projections of broadband access with an analysis of factors affecting adoption. For a copy of the report visit or contact Bill Ablondi at (203) 966-4992.

About MarketMaps

MarketMaps is a research, analysis and forecasting consulting firm based in New Canaan, CT. Founded by Bill Ablondi, former head of International Data Corporation's New Media Group, the firm assists product development and marketing organizations capitalize on opportunities created by information technology advancements.


CENTRISSM is a research and information services firm for the converging industries of communications, entertainment and technology specializing in cable, satellite, home video, motion pictures, telecommunications and the Internet. Its products are based on weekly nationally projectable interviews of 1000 households profiling more than 60 consumer electronics, entertainment, telecommunications and geo-demographic measures.

CENTRISSM is headquartered in Philadelphia with an office in Los Angeles.

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